Unsexy Startups

When people build companies with amazing appeal in a hot space and get tons of press, I really respect that. I’ve found I have a soft spot though for those startups who aren’t as sexy and who’s products might take a little longer to take off, but in turn are dedicated to solving a thorny, […]

Why I’m Loving the Switch to Ubuntu

Just about 2 weeks ago I made the leap. I finally wiped XP off my HP Mini netbook and installed Ubuntu. I’d wanted to make an operating system change for a good while, because Windows rapidly got to be the worst thing about my 10-inch laptop. At first I’d planned to Hackintosh but after some […]

Exhibit A

I decided it was time to make a space where I could write down my thoughts on tech, business, culture, policy, and whatever else that has my attention in any given moment… This should be fun.