Why I’m Loving the Switch to Ubuntu

Just about 2 weeks ago I made the leap. I finally wiped XP off my HP Mini netbook and installed Ubuntu. I’d wanted to make an operating system change for a good while, because Windows rapidly got to be the worst thing about my 10-inch laptop. At first I’d planned to Hackintosh but after some research found that my particular model tends not to take well to OSX. Ubuntu seemed like the next best option.  I still pushed it back though, mostly cause I was afraid of making some enormous, unforeseen mistake that made my netbook go from being really difficult to use (a la XP) to impossible to use (aka broken). I have not yet broken my computer and am really happy to report that Ubuntu is working beautifully. I think I may officially be a convert.

Here’s what’s shaping up to be awesome about it:

Ubuntu’s UI is both more technically oriented and user friendly at the same time, and honestly it’s very pretty. I love that my OS no longer bugs me about useless updates I don’t want and it’s way more stable than any Windows machine I’ve ever used. My battery lasts longer and the system lends itself to programming much more readily, which I want to spend a lot more time on. And, call me a hippie, but I love that this system was created through the hard work and collaboration of skilled people who pulled together to make this software available for free. I’ve only scratched the surface on Ubuntu’s inner workings, but I’m digging this.

Linux FTW, man.